Questions and Answers.

Why are you using an English language format for Welsh speakers?

The site is not designed for people who are fluent in Welsh. It is designed to make Welsh language content available to those who have an interest in the language but do not speak it fluently enough to be able to negotiate a Welsh language site. e.g. People who have Welsh heritage links, Welsh learners, parents of pupils in Welsh language schools etc.

Can I keep a copy of the downloaded files on my computer so I can print them out whenever I want?


Can I put copies on my own website or save them to a central server at work so other people can use them?

As much as we appreciate your enthusiasm we would much rather that you didn't. If we discover an error in a document after we have made it available for download we can correct our copy without having to worry about rogue copies floating about elsewhere.

If this stuff is available for free download why is it copyright?

We need to retain editorial control in case of errors or ommissions or mis-use. We also use the same templates for commercial work

Can I display the content in a public place?

Please do. You are free to print out copies and put them on the wall of your office, cafe, restaurant, schoolroom, vestry, chapel, church etc without breaching our Terms and Conditions or Copyright.
Please don't obscure our copyright marks as other people might be interested in our products

Can I adapt the material for my own use after I've downloaded it?

Some of the content is designed to be adapted by the user. For example some of the calendars have spaces into which you can insert an image or photograph.
You could adapt other files in various ways. For example you could put a calendar image into a word processing document and add your company name and/or logo into the header section.
You can also paste the jpeg files into your own work such as word processing documents and Powerpoint presentations if you wish. Please make sure out copyright mark remains visible if you do this.
In general terms if you do not distort or alter the image and/or remove our copyright marks you should not be in breach of copyright - any doubts please ask.

What software do I need?

Some files will be in pdf format and you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print them. You can get the Reader here.
Some files will be in jpeg format and are best viewed and printed using a simple graphics program.
Depending on what computer operating system you have and the browser you are using you might be able to view and print directly from your browser.- IMPORTANT if you are printing from a browser please ensure that you are not printing the low quality preview versions by mistake. (See below)
Some sets of files are compressed into a package and will need to be unpacked, using a program such as 7-zip or win-rar, before you can use them.

Why are my printouts very small and/or low quality?

You may have downloaded the browser preview file instead of the high definition version.
You must download the file from the right hand column on the download page for the full version. The preview images we use in the small preview graphic and the full page browser preview are smaller and of lower quality than the original to speed up page loading times.

What size are the printouts?

Most are designed to be printed on A4 paper. Some are also available as A3. If you print a document at a different size to the original then quality may suffer. e.g. print becomes fuzzy around the edges.
We could produce bigger versions using the original vector graphics file if you have a specific need but we might have to charge you for the work involved.

Can I get customised versions?

We could produce customised versions if you need them but we might have to charge you for the work involved.

Why don't the documents print in the centre of the page?

Some of the diaries are designed to print with a left hand margin so they can be put in a folder. If the other documents don't print as expected you may need to check the printer settings in Adobe Acrobat, your graphics program or your browser. Try using the 'Preview' function before you print.

Why do some of the calendars look strange in full browser preview?

They are borderless jpegs. This allows you greater flexibility when you print. Your graphics, or other software, will add the margins when you print them. Try using the 'Preview' function before you print.

What is meant by "Print to edge on A4 or crop border"?

It means the images were designed to print right up to the edge of an A4 page, to give a borderless print. (Usually a feature of modern photo style printers).
Some printers can't do this so you then have a choice of whether to 'Scale to fit' or crop the print.
If an image is labelled 'crop border' it means that you can choose to allow the printer to crop the image without losing important detail.

What are split calendars?

Split calendars run from September to August the following year. This caters for things like the Northern Hemisphere rugby season and the UK Academic Year etc.

Can I photocopy the printouts?

Yes. But don't try to alter the size because the quality may suffer.

Does this site use cookies?

No. But if you click on the Facebook or Google buttons at the bottom of the page they may record your visit

Can I send you my own stuff to put on your website?

We don't normally accept external content as it may cause us copyright problems. If you would like to contribute please contact us.
We do however like to receive suggestions for ideas you would like to see developed.

What guarantee do I have that the calendars etc are accurate?

None. We obviously try to make sure that our content is as dependable as possible but errors and ommissions may occur. You must not depend on the accuracy of the content for any critical purpose. Please read the Disclaimer page for more info.

Is this site safe for my child to use?

It's not really designed for use by children as they have to be of legal age to accept the Terms and Conditions before they download the content, but as far as we know there is nothing on this site that would cause offence.

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